The Terminator by Christopher Cox

The Terminator by Christopher Cox

DaVinci’s Dreams, under license from StudioCanal is proud to present a new officially licensed, limited edition screen print for The Terminator by Christopher Cox.

The Terminator will be released tomorrow, Wednesday, 5th April at 5.00PM GMT+1 on our website

For other time zones, this would apply as following:
5:00pm BST
9.00am PST
12:00pm EDT

Regular Edition
7-Color Screenprint
(including 3 metallic layers)
Limited to 125 copies

Variant Edition
7-Color Screenprint
(including 3 metallic layers)
Limited to 75 copies

In addition to these featuring 3 layers of metallics we've also layered them with UV inks, which has produced incredible results, giving these prints a real Tech-Noir feel.

Take a look at our in hand shots, taken by iPhone in the dark!

The Regular under UV/Blacklight

The Variant under UV/Blacklight